Feb 10, 2017

Selenium WebDriver Q&A panel



Selenium WebDriver Q&A panel



We invited experienced speakers to share their vision on WebDriver/Selenium and ecosystem around it. In addition following topics will be discusssed:

– WebDriver current state and nearest future; – tools and frameworks built on top of WebDriver; – approaches and techniques in test automation using WebDriver.

If you have questions to discuss with experienced professionals it is right place and time to do it.

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Kyiv, Ukraine

About the Engagement

Selenium Camp has been founded in 2011 as the first international conference completely devoted to Selenium/WebDriver. Now it is leading test automation conference in Eastern Europe with 2 days full of conference talks and master-classes running in 3+ parallel tracks. In addition to web testing with Selenium/WebDriver wide spectrum of additional topics is covered every year: visual testing, test automation metrics and dashboards, reliable test infrastructure, scaling solutions and practices, testing of legacy systems, desktop and mobile applications, microservices, design patterns and best practices... Selenium Camp is equally interesting for beginners and professionals, because it is 2 days of pure knowledge, sharing experience and fun. Join us to move forward in your career!

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