Aug 27, 2018



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Copenhagen, Denmark

Event Information

In a galaxy far far away… in 2009, Søren invited Guillaume to speak about the Groovy programming language at a conference in Denmark. Discussing together, they started brainstorming about a short event to cover the various aspects of the language, the project and its ecosystem. This idea sparkle quickly overflowed into a more solid plant to create a dedicated conference fully dedicated to this ecosystem, as it was clear that there was way too much to cover than during a simple day workshop. This is how this idea of talking about “great” technologies, based off the Apache Groovy programming language turned into a full-blown conference named GR8Conf.

For the past 11 years (not taking into account two years of corona lockdown), GR8Conf has provided a high-quality conference experience for the tight-knit Apache Groovy programming language community. This year, we are joining forces with - an annual conference run by the Danish Java user group covering technologies relevant to the entire JVM. The combined conference will be known as GR8Conf & and will focus on All Things Groovy and Java, with DevOps, Microservices and Frontend Technologies sprinkled in.