Jun 20, 2018

From Robotium to Appium: Choose Your Journey


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In this talk, the speaker will attempt to take his audience on a journey of UI testing starting with introduction of Robotium and its main principals, and later moving on to Appium while highlighting why one would choose Robotium over Appium and vice versa.

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Mobile Testing is hard! You have to test not only Native Mobile but also Web-based applications. This multi-platform focus makes the testing effort to be at least twice as complicated as when a simple web application is targeted.

With the growing market around smartphones, developers needed more ways to ensure software quality of their product. This need is why many mobile UI test frameworks have been introduced. With the most significant share of the mobile market being taken by Android OS, development and testing efforts have been especially crucial in this ecosystem.

Among the variety of Mobile UI automation tools, two frameworks have been especially notable: Robotium and Appium. However, with more organizations moving towards multi-platform solutions, those of us, who used Robotium, are slowly moving towards Appium. This journey from Robotium to Appium is where the main focus of this presentation lies.

In this session, we deep dive into both Robotium and Appium. We discuss why and how to transition from Robotium to Appium in the Android ecosystem. Lastly, we look at common mistakes made during this transition, and how to avoid them.


  • Main functionalities of Appium and Robotium in practice (using Java)
  • What’s and How’s of both frameworks
  • Scaling Appium with TestObject and Robotium with Firebase
  • Differences and use cases for both test frameworks: Appium and Robotium
  • When to use and when not to use either of frameworks


Nordic Testing Days: 2018

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