Jan 01, 2019

Remote Work: Gateway to Freedom


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Distributed teams are the future of the IT workforce. Many companies have adopted remote work as a part of their business, and more organizations (small and large) are moving towards this new way of conducting their work.

In this talk, we explore how to become a remote employee successfully, how to manage a remote team, and what mistakes to avoid in the process.

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Open office tables, water cooler chats, long commutes - does it sound familiar? If so, you are a member of the overwhelming majority of in-office developer workforce. While being in the same location as your colleagues have its benefits, the reality is constant interruptions, “Dead Time” of the commute, and poor work-life balance.

In this talk, we discuss how you can use remote work as the way to free yourself from the world of unnecessary distractions, and how to slowly and successfully introduce telecommuting into your team. We dive into a social aspect of Software Development, what mistakes to avoid during the transition and how to build a proper work-life balance.


  1. Reasons for remote work and remote teams
  2. Ways to get started with telecommuting
  3. Tips and trick for a successful transition into a remote worker


VoxxedDays Banff: 2019

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