Jan 01, 2019

Measuring Project Health in Open Source

open source

Elevator Pitch (~300 words)

With continuous changes in how people communicate, we often face anger, irritation, and selfishness. In this talk, we discuss how to bring kindness to the enterprise and open-source while ensuring that these “kind practices” are successfully adopted by the teams of any size.


Human health is complex - it's not something we can buy; it's something we have to earn! This exact approach goes for open source projects and their communities. A truly dedicated and loyal fanbase cannot be bought; it has to be nurtured. But what do we mean when we call a community and the open source project "healthy"? This question is what we are trying to answer at Facebook!

In this talk, we look at the Facebook Open Source team's approach to measure the current state of Facebook open source projects and how we use these metrics to prioritize and direct our DevRel focus. Ultimately, we aim to show how by looking at information about your open source communities, your team can concentrate on the quality of the projects instead of only the quantity of repositories you make public.