Jul 11, 2018

Mobile Visual Testing: Uphill Battle of Mobile Visual Regression



Mobile Visual Testing: Uphill Battle of Mobile Visual Regression


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There are many types of testing companies need to perform in order to have confidence in their product: security testing, integration testing, system testing, performance testing, and more. Often, mobile developers focus on ensuring that main end-to-end flows of their applications work by relying on frameworks like Appium or Robotium.

However, in the mobile domain, visual testing is essential as mobile devices differ drastically in capabilities, display dimensions, and even operating systems. Visual regression testing targets specific areas of visual concepts like layouts, responsive design, graphics, and CSS.

Because modern mobile applications are built as hybrid and native applications, there is no way to scale this sort of testing using manual resources; hence, visual test automation should be a crucial piece of the testing stack.

In this talk, the audience will learn about major visual testing frameworks targeting both responsive web applications and native mobile applications.

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